Keeping up with Dimitri the Lover (aka Sexual Predator), Toronto Real Men

  1. Yesterday a poster came across my tumblr dashboard from @PUAtxt, one of my favourite tumblr/twitter accounts. I decided to capture some of the gross language and reblog, especially for my Toronto followers to see.  At the time Dimitri the Lover (aka James Nicholas Sears) and Toronto Real Men sounded vaguely familiar but I did not know/remember his whole story.
  2. EWW, Toronto Real Men sounds fucking horrific, as does “Dimitri the Lover”. The #homophobia is extra classy
  3. pua-txt: ” Dimitri The Lover is this dude who leaves creepy voicemails. I like how he’s named after what he does. He also got mad as heck when Wikipedia deleted his vanity page despite his assertion…
  4. A few people chimed in with info and links about Sears:
  5. @kaimcn A bit of background, with photos, first-hand run-ins, and astroturfing from the man himself:…
  6. @tapesonthefloor So he’s a rapist who profits on teaching men to be predatory and disrespectful and someone made a movie. So gross.
  7. @tapesonthefloor there are comments on this story that are obvs meant to justify PUAs and DtL and it’s so obvious and poorly execuated
  8. @kaimcn A documentary was filmed, too. I’ve never been able to bring myself to click on it, but… it’s there.…
  9. And with all the people I know in Toronto I should have known someone would have encountered this creep and his brand of “seduction” live & in person. What an unfortunate experience (and what an impression to leave!):
  10. @kaimcn don’t say his name, please. Don’t look up his twitter account. I had a run in with him in 2002 and I’m still traumatized.
  11. @kaimcn he used to be a doctor! He got his medical licence away for molesting patients.
  12. Further:
  13. @kaimcn He’s a proud rapist. If you do read his twitter account huuuuge trigger warning.
  14. @zuzuhaha With you 100% His marketing tells me everything I need to know but what you say validates he’s a predatory asshole creep.
  15. Zuzu is braver than I and went looking at his twitter feed (giant TRIGGER WARNING, the posts are vile and predatory)
  16. @kaimcn okay I went and read his twitter & I think it got worse!! Oh well, sometimes when people are THAT clearly awful it’s a good thing.
  17. It was at this point that I learned the poster on tumblr is a fairly old picture:
  18. @kaimcn @tapesonthefloor I remember when he used to put up flyers, I’d like to punch his face.
  19. @effandtee @tapesonthefloor that’s how I just learned about him ( Tho I think I’ve heard of him before.
  20. @kaimcn @tapesonthefloor I didn’t realize he was still.. around! If I was that restaurant I wouldn’t host their meetings.
  21. @effandtee @tapesonthefloor it doesn’t sound like anywhere I’d go anyway but I’ll add Rancho Relaxo to the Oh No No lists
  22. @kaimcn @tapesonthefloor I’ve been there before, it’s kind of adorable actually! I’m sad that it’s a cesspool of pick up artists..
  23. @effandtee @tapesonthefloor I would maybe go just to see PUAs in their (un)natural environment.
  24. @kaimcn I’d go to take photos of them and send the photos to their places of work, and mothers.
  25. @effandtee someone on tumblr recommended that! Best tourist activity ever?
  26. @kaimcn I’d totally be a tour guide. Are you going to be in our fair city any time soon?
  27. Nicola$$$ linked to Sears’ doctor profile that shows his licence was revoked due to “sexual impropriety with a client”.  As Zuzu mentions, a medical licence isn’t an easy thing to lose.
  28. @kaimcn @effandtee He was a registered MD for all of three years. Really. Guess why his license was revoked!…
  29. re: Dimitri the Lover mt @tapesonthefloor He was a registered MD for all of three years. Really.…
  30. @la_panique @kaimcn getting your medical license taken away is not easy, he must be a super sicko.
  31. Part of the conversation this excerpt is from includes a private account but Zuzu’s account of meeting Sears and the link I posted to Jolenn Parton’s encounter with a San Fransisco pink up artist is relevant:
  32. @la_panique @kaimcn of course but he says really awful stuff out loud. When I turned him down he said the most scary things to me.
  33. @zuzuhaha @la_panique You may not want to read that. It includes PUA grossness/racism. But you might enjoy.
  34. To Rancho Relaxo’s credit, they apparently do not host meetings for Toronto Real Men anymore and have not for years:
  35. @kaimcn @tapesonthefloor Rancho doesn’t host their group anymore (I know the talent booker there, but he wasn’t responsible for DTL either)
  36. @jgeady @tapesonthefloor Good to know! I wouldn’t blame a booker who doesn’t know how vile the group is but it’s a definite turn off.
  37. @kaimcn @tapesonthefloor pretty sure, though, that DTL’s meetings haven’t been held there for a few years at least.
  38. @jgeady @tapesonthefloor I just asked the person who blogged the photo if they know how old it is. Not sure if I’ll get a response.
  39. Jeff tweeted that the meetings are still going on:
  40. @kaimcn his website says they’re at 754 Danforth now, and now I’m going to take a shower cuz I went to his site.
  41. I can’t confirm this but a visit to the Real Men Toronto website suggests the meetings were put on hold in 2010 when a documentary was being produced about “The Prophet” (something Sears actually calls himself on purpose). The trail for this documentary can be seen here.
  42. Apparently Rancho Relaxo aren’t the only place that didn’t want Toronto Real Men sullying their establishment:
  43. @kaimcn @effandtee. One time our owner was talked into hosting a meeting. Never again.
  44. UPDATE. Before I finished posting this I contacted PUS.txt and they made this public post (you will need to click through to read but they say the picture of the poster came from Encyclopedia Dramatica.)

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