I really hope to see the law intervene on “revenge porn” sites and it’s not just as an outsider support survivors (although I do 100%). I get angry and offended every time I hear someone say “if you don’t want it on the internet, don’t take the pictures”. To me that’s victim blaming and body policing that removes responsibility from the abuser (who shares the pictures) and businesses that profit from this abuse.
When I was 18 I was in a very abusive relationship with a guy who used every power dynamic at his hands to manipulate me and talked me into some abusive stupid shit. Some of the “least” of it is the pictures I let him take. When I finally had the strength to leave him (with 4000 km between us) I was highly aware of those pictures and what our mutual friends and strangers and people I went to school with and possible future employers (or voters? I wanted to be PM once) and my mom would think of them. They weren’t something I was happy about then or something that I consider completely consensual looking back.
I’ve never looked at those revenge porn sites because I don’t want to know if he held a grudge long enough to keep and share those pictures from 9 years ago. And obviously I refuse to give them the clicks for advertisers. But I have immense empathy and solidarity for the girls women who have had their trust abused by someone looking to say “I saw a girl naked once, no really, look!” or try to destroy what they can’t have. I hope the US gov’t will be understanding.

Steph Guthrie

A group of at least 23 women in the United States has filed a class-action lawsuit for invasion of privacy and causing mental anguish against revenge porn site Texxxan and its hosting service, GoDaddy (like you needed another reason to hate GoDaddy).

Revenge porn is a vile category of online content wherein a person posts nude photos or videos of another person without their consent (usually a woman, often an ex-lover). A cursory Google search will yield pages of sites hosting such content. Many of these sites include the women’s names, contact information and links to their social media profiles. Some of them include maps to the women’s homes.

As we all know, there is no shortage on the Internet of sexually explicit photos or video of consenting women. Porn (with consenting parties) is probably the Internet’s most popular application. The knowledge that women on revenge porn…

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