AUPE respond to Open Letter to AUPE re: SAFA/AUPE Christmas Party

I’ve gotten a reply after using the general contact form on AUPE’s website:

Dear Kaitlyn,

Have you tried reaching Rosemary by telephone? The Local 39 telephone number is at

I can’t speak for the Local, or for SAFA, which is co-hosting, but I would guess that the party will have nothing to do with religion. You would have to confirm that with the Local and SAFA of course.

So, I’m told that the party won’t be religious and I guess that I used the wrong method of contact?  I’ve replied to Mark (below) and I guess that’s the end of that.

Hello Mark,

Thank you for your reply.

I have not contacted Rosemary by telephone because email is my preferred method of communication, especially on an issue like this. I would like to have documentation of the response, if any.

While I’m hopeful that this party will not be religious it is the name of the party that I wanted to express my concern about. I find that calling the event a “Christmas Party” to be exclusive and not representative of AUPE members who do not celebrate Christmas, myself included.

Thank you for responding,

(name redacted because internet)

I’m probably going to leave it at that. I’ve had bad experiences with my local preciously (exactly why I wanted documentation) and this isn’t a hill worth dying on. It’s disappointing that my union can’t be inclusive in naming events, especially when the local membership is so diverse. I like to think that in Canada, where labour laws are so much more fair than many countries, unions should be progressive organizations that work to enact change. I guess my union can’t even be inclusive in naming a party that’s funded with my dues.


One thought on “AUPE respond to Open Letter to AUPE re: SAFA/AUPE Christmas Party

  1. Hi Kaitlyn,

    If you are going to quote people in a blog post the ethical thing to do is inform them of that when you write them. I was only trying to help. I’m sorry I wasn’t able help you immediately.


    Mark Wells

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