Open Letter to AUPE re: SAFA/AUPE Christmas Party

Below is the email reply I sent to my AUPE local Chair Rosemary Read on Friday, November 16 upon receiving an invitation to the AUPE/SAFA Christmas Party:

Good Afternoon,

Thank you for the invitation to this event but I have concerns about the name. Is it really appropriate for a union to use the exclusive term “Christmas” in their events? Can’t AUPE be more inclusive to their non-Christian members and hold a party that is welcoming to all membership?

I understand that SAIT also holds an annual “Christmas Party” but I hold the union to higher, less discriminatory standards. I’m not happy to see my union dues fund a party that is counter to my values of inclusion.


Thank you,


I have yet to receive a reply and today received a reminder email for the event. I will am now contacting the AUPE general contact because I am concerned with both the name of the event and lack of response from my local.

I wish to voice my concern that AUPE should work to be more inclusive of it’s non-Christian membership and to express displeasure at my union dues funding an event that is not representative of my inclusive values.

I look forward to your reply. A copy of this will be posted online at

Thank you,

Kaitlyn McNeill

AUPE Local 39


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